Published on June 15, 2013,

Served all day!  Our pastries are always a delicious breakfast treat, but here are some options with protein to get you through your morning.

  • Three-Egg Omelet, $7.95
  • Herb, Spinach, Tomato and Swiss Omelet, $5.75
  • Omelet-Smothered Potatoes and Ham, $7.95
  • Croissant filled with Turkey, Ham and Swiss cheese or with Chicken, Broccoli and Swiss cheese sauce, $3.75
  • Continental Breakfast: Two fried eggs, turkey ham and large buttery pastry served with smothered potato, jelly and fresh brewed coffee, $7.75
  • Light Continental Breakfast: Your choice of one breakfast pastry served with jam and butter, 12-oz orange juice and fresh brewed coffee, $5.75
  • Meat, cheese, two fried eggs served on your choice bread, $4.95
  • Turkey, Ham & Swiss cheese-filled croissant, $3.75