About Cornerstone

Cornerstone Bakery is a small, family-owned business owned and operated by Mokeer and Tisa Yisrael.  Because of their Sumerian decent, Mokeer and Tisa celebrate a heritage dating back more than five thousand years.


Sumer, located in Mesopotamia in the Middle East, was the first of the ancient people groups to form a civilization.  The foundation that they laid has influenced the entire world’s population for millennia.  The Sumerians created the cornerstones of civilization: writing, money, astronomy, math, and more.  They developed trade, introduced the wheel, and established industries like pottery, weaving, and baking!


When you visit Cornerstone Bakery, you enjoy more than fresh bread, pastries, soup and sandwiches.  You get to celebrate the Sumerian heritage.  After all, what better way is there to celebrate the cornerstone of civilization than with bread straight out of the oven?


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